SaveFOI in the news

11 April 2012

Some recent blog posts of interest to supporters of saveFOI:

Alistair Sloan asks Should Scotland Care about the Freedom of Information Act 2000?

Jonny Medland on Forget the NHS Risk Register. Focus on what it means for the future of the public right to know

Lawrence Serewizc In Defence of Frivolous Requests

Alex Marsh on Policy, Information and Transparency

6 April 2012

The Guardian ran a poll asking “Is the Freedom of Information Act paralysing government?” The result: 7.6% of respondents said “yes”, 92.4% said “no”

4 April 2012

In a talk given to a “Solicitors in Local Government” annual weekend school by Deputy Information Commissioner Graham Smith was reported to have “warned that local government’s concerns about freedom of information are not being heard by the Commons Justice Committee as it scrutinises the Freedom of Information Act. ‘There’s no strong voice from local government in this process before the justice committee.'”

22 March 2012

saveFOI got some national media attention, in a superb article in the Telegraph by Cal Flyn and Conrad Quilty Harper. There’s a mention for co-founder Paul Gibbons, aka @FOIManUk, and check out the fantastic graph!

21 March 2012

A fantastic guest post on FOIMan’s blog from an anonymous civil servant on his or her experiences of how FOI is viewed within a government department

16 March 2012 Local authority councillor, and head of advocacy at Index on Censorship, Mike Harris has written an excellent article for the Guardian entitled “Why are councils spinning against freedom of information?”

15 March 2012

Chair of Public Accounts Committee says private firms should be subject to FOI when they companies are working for the public sector

14 March 2012

Westminster Hall debate on FOI and private emails, secured by Lisa Nandy MP

14 March 2012

The Justice Committee continues its post-legislative scrutiny of FOI with crucial evidence session from the Information Commissioner Christopher Graham and his deputy Graham Smith

13 March 2012

Claire Miller, of Media Wales, has a good FOI piece which mentions the saveFOI campaign

7 March 2012

UCL’s Constitution Unit has an interesting blog post looking at some of the evidence submissions to the Justice Committee

7 March 2012

The Telegraph has a strong editorial saying the public interest would not be served by imposing further restrictions on Freedom of Information requests:

1 March 2012

David Higgerson has posted about his experience of appearing before the Justice Committee

28 February 2012

Co-founder of the saveFOI campaign, FOIMan has a post with his observations on the Justice Committee’s second post-legislative scrutiny session

25 February 2012

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph has a pro-FOI article which refers to the saveFOI campaign

24 February 2012 have a podcast featuring our own FOIMan!

24 February 2012

Journalist David Hencke has a short item on his blog in anticipation of his evidence session to the Justice Committee next week

24 February 2012

The Kent Courier has a strong pro-FOI editorial responding to Kent County Council’s evidence to the Justice Committee

22 February 2012

“Wirral Council opposes new charges for FOI requests”: local news item on Council’s evidence submitted to Justice Committee

21 February 2012

The Constitution Unit at UCL, the Campaign for Freedom of Information and all have blog reports on their evidence session at the Justice Committee

20 February 2012

The #saveFOI campaign gets national media attention (and look out for podcast featuring #saveFOI supporter @FoIManUK)

19 February 2012

The Information Commissioner himself – Christopher Graham – has written a strongly-worded piece in the Observer challenging criticism of FOI

and there is also an article arising from Graham’s piece

15 February 2012

Louise Restell, of the Public Law Project, has an excellent blogpost called “What Price Freedom of Information”

13 February 2012

@FOIMonkey has guestblogged at – a quite outstanding compendium of “366 Interesting things that we know because of FOI requests made using”


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