How you can help

This website is just the start. You are the #saveFOI campaign. If you want to stand up for FOI here are a few things you can do. Remember to keep coming back as we’ll add suggestions as we go along.

Write to your MP

MPs are elected to represent the interests in Parliament of their constituents. The more people who stand up in defence of FOI, the more that Parliament will listen. You can find out who your local MP is (as well as your local councillor and local Member of the European Parliament) and contact them, through

Sign our Petition

The saveFOI petition is now open. Please sign it, and let others know about it,  if you value FOI and want to help persuade those reviewing it that it mustn’t be weakened.

Follow us on twitter

We are @saveFOI on twitter – please follow us for news of the campaign, and let us know if have any good examples of FOI in action, or of support or criticism of FOI. Please also use the hashtag #saveFOI so all relevant tweets can easily be followed.

And most importantly…

Stand up for FOI! We’re looking for people who are prepared to speak out, whether that be to the media, or as representatives of their organisations. Contact us via twitter, or use the form below if you want to take part.


2 thoughts on “How you can help

  1. Jas Richy says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for all your work on this , FOI Man & all at SAVEFOI . Had a thought re the above . I know that my figures are probably not accurate , and the following is very simplistic , but , I wondered :- How many actual Tax Payers are actually paying for the NHS ? Coming absolutely cold to this , I took a figure of spend on the NHS of £ 51 Billion : [ Reading the above budget for 2011/12 is double at £105.9 Billions ! ] .
    I then tried to find : How many actual Contributors ? [ numbers of taxpayers ] Tried to find from DoH Site ; gave up – too complicated ; , Found Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK , who wrote :- ” 24% of all income tax is from 328,000 people – 1% of all taxpayers ” . If 1% is 328K , so pro rata total is 32.8 Million . Calculation of cost of NHS per capita of those who are actually paying for it , is , on my figures of £ 51 Billion , £ 1554 per year . [ On your accurate figures of £105.9 Billion , £ 3227 per year ] .
    Now if costs of FOI Act on NHS is £30 M [ assuming S Slipman’s figures are accurate ? ] , if paid for by 32.8 M Contributors , thats , 91 Pence per Contributor per year , say , £1 . So , it’s costing the individuals who PAY for the NHS , £1 per year to have the information which THEY CANNOT DO WITHOUT , so as to be able to check on their “investment” .That’s 2 Pence per week . Using my figures , that’s 06% of Contributors amount , Using your figures , £1 in £ 3227 , that’s 0.03 % of Contributions .
    I feel that those people who are asking to charge for FOI , must be reminded :-

    (a) Who is paying for the NHS
    (b) How much they are paying per taxpayer
    (c) That they are subsidising others who for various reasons cannot or do not pay
    (d) They must be able to be able to monitor the effective expenditure of their tax payments

    Also , unlike Local Government [ at least until 2000 when Surcharging & fining of Members and Officers was abolished ] , Electors and those paying for the NHS cannot Object to the Accounts through the District Auditor . So , in my view , users of the NHS have no effective “ remedy ” against waste & fraud .
    Not sure of the current status re Inspection of Accounts under Audit Act , though .

    Just a few thoughts , and without knowing much about this !

    Kind Regards

    Jas Richy

  2. […] take a look at the Save FOI website, and in particular the How You Can Help […]

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