Breaking News on FOI Charges

The BBC’s Newsnight tonight reported that the Government is planning to introduce charges for FOI requests, perhaps involving a “range of tariffs”. At this stage we have no further details.

SaveFOI is obviously very concerned by this development, which appears to pre-judge the outcome of the ongoing post-legislative scrutiny of the Act being carried out by the Justice Select Committee. Charging for FOI requests would drastically curtail the ability of ordinary people as well as charities, journalists, businesses and others to hold public bodies to account. This seems a particularly strange move for a Government whose Prime Minister has said “We want to be the most open and transparent government in the world.”

If you would like to register your concern over this proposal, please read how you can help, and do sign our e-petition at 


4 thoughts on “Breaking News on FOI Charges

  1. Lesley says:

    He just wants to be transparent with the information he wants you to see…that contained in policies and government reports. No use showing you things you may “misunderstand”, or that may upset you…as the government are not going to budge anyway. It just saves time, hassle and staff hours. Ignorance is bliss…or at least less trouble.

  2. […] post concerns the news on Thursday that the government is planning to introduce charges for FOI requests, perhaps involving a “range of tariffs”.  As our friends at Save FOI explain: Charging for FOI […]

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